Welcome to Day 2 of the PediaWise Holiday Gift Guide for 2022! 

Here are the Gift Ideas for Today (p.s. Click on the Hyperlinks Below to Go to the Products)…

Pregnancy PediaWise Pick: “Fearless Mama Body Butter” ($32)

Indulge in some self-care with this luxurious body butter! It’s both soothing and hydrating for the skin. 90% of women get stretch marks during pregnancy. Although stretch marks are typically the result of genetics (or rapid weight gain) during pregnancy, this body butter will help reduce their appearance by keeping the skin supple.


Baby PediaWise Pick: “Angel Dear Pair and a Spare” ($44)

I’m obsessed with these baby blankets! They’re soft & cuddly and the plush material is calming for babies. My son and daughter had several of these blankets growing up. My son was partial to the frog (who we called “Froggy”) and my daughter dragged around her pink poodle “blankie” everywhere she went. I also love the “pair and a spare” concept. You get 3 blankets with this package, so if you lose one (which happens!) and your baby goes into meltdown mode, you can whip another one out. #Superparent! 

PediaTip for Safe Sleep: Remember that infants (babies 0-1 years) should not sleep with a blanket (Angel Dear blankets included), a pillow, a stuffed animal, or a bumper in their crib. The Angel Dear blankets are meant to be used when babies are awake. However, they can be used during sleep after 1 year of age.


Toddler PediaWise Pick #3: “Montessori Wooden Music Instruments Set” (On Sale, $55 for a 10-Piece Set)

If you haven’t noticed, toddlers love to make noise (I mean…music). This 10-piece wooden instrument set allows toddlers to bang drums, shake maracas, and ring bells to their hearts content. When playing these instruments, toddlers get a chance to work on their rhythm AND their fine motor skills. Just get your earplugs out!