Welcome to Day 3 of the PediaWise Holiday Gift Guide for 2022. 

Here are the Gift Ideas for Today (p.s. Click on the Hyperlinks to Go to the Products)…

DAY 3:


Pregnancy: PharMeDoc Plush Pink Pregnancy Pillow ($50)
As women get further along in their pregnancy, it gets harder to get a good night’s sleep. It becomes a challenge to find a comfortable sleep position, especially after 20 weeks when women are told to stop sleeping on their backs. (Not to mention the fact that they have to pee every 5 seconds!)  The PharMeDoc sleep pillow can help with the first problem. Women with a bun in the oven can hug this plush-covered pillow and adjust it to make sleep easier.

Baby: Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym ($32)
Activity gyms are a great source of entertainment for babies and are particularly useful for infants who are doing “tummy time” or learning to roll over. Tummy time is when babies spend time on their bellies during the day (while awake) to improve their neck strength and to reduce their risk of developing “flat spots” on the back of their heads. I like this Fisher-Price activity gym because it has a mirror that babies can stare into while they’re on their tummies and toys to look at while they’re on their backs. There’s even a piano that they can kick with their feet. Hooray for cause-and-effect features!

Toddler: My Quiet Book by deMoca ($37)
This felt activity book keeps toddlers engaged (and even quiet sometimes) so their parents can get some much-needed downtime. Each “page” has a different activity on it that encourages toddlers to practice (and strengthen) their fine motor skills. Sample activities include tying shoes, learning to use a zipper, and telling time.

Happy Holidays! See You in the PediaFeed (or on Instagram @pediawiseforparents) Tomorrow for Day 4 of the PediaWise Gift Guide.