Welcome to Day 4 of the PediaWise Holiday Gift Guide for 2022! 

Here are the Gift Ideas for Today (p.s. Click on the Hyperlinks Below to Go to the Products)…

DAY 4:

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Pregnancy PediaWise Pick: Corkcicle Rifle Paper Co. Sport Canteen ($48)
Pregnant women (and breastfeeding Mamas) need to stay hydrated. The water that women drink during pregnancy goes into the amniotic fluid that cushions their baby. In addition, drinking 8-12 cups of water per day helps ward off lightheadedness. This stainless steel canteen by Corkcicle is not only pretty to look at, but it will keep Mama-to-be’s beverages nice & cool.

Baby PediaWise Pick: Nanchen Organic Rattle Doll ($24 Each)
These cute & colorful “fruit and vegetable” dolls are actually rattles. Babies can shake them, chew on them, and look at their sweet little faces.

Toddler PediaWise Pick: Tiny Land Large Playhouse Play Tent for Kids (On Sale for $85)

Toddlers love cozy spaces that they can call their own. This play tent was created for 2-to-8 year-olds so it can grow with your child. It comes with curtain ties so you can have the drapes open or closed. Adults can fit in there, as well.

Happy Holidays! See You in the PediaFeed (or on Instagram @pediawiseforparents) Tomorrow for Day 5 of the PediaWise Gift Guide.