Stork bites and angel kisses are vascular birthmarks (i.e. collections of blood vessels) that develop on the head. They’re commonly seen in newborns and are benign.

Stork Bites (Fancy Name: Nevus Simplex) are Located on the Back of the Neck. In Folklore, They Represent the Mark Left Over From Where the Stork Picked Up the Baby.

Angel Kisses Can Be Seen Between the Eyes.

Insider Info: Stork bites and angel kisses tend to look darker and more pronounced when babies cry (or poop). This is normal and isn’t anything to worry about.

The Bottom Line: What Should I Do About These Birth Marks?

Nothing. Angel kisses tend to fade during the first year of life and often disappear by age 2. Stork bites are more likely to persist, but they typically remain hidden under the child’s hairline.