Interviewing Nannies?

Below are the Top 10 Questions to Ask Nanny Candidates to See if They’re the Right Fit for Your Family:

1. What’s Your Experience Level?

What ages have your cared for and what responsibilities did you have at your previous jobs?

PediaTip: Beware of candidates who’ve only stayed at jobs for a short period of time without good reason.

2. What are Your References?

Are they glowing? Reassuring? Full of red flags?

3. Do You Speak Another Language?

Exposing your child to a second language can be beneficial. However, make sure there’s not a major language barrier between you and the person you hire. 

4. Are You Legally Residing in the U.S.?

5. Do You Have a Driver’s License?

If so, are you a good driver? Is it OK if I access your driving record?

6. Have You Done a Background Check?

Has a background check been done? If so, is it clean?

7. What’s Your Ideal Job?

This will tell you a lot about what the candidate is looking for deep down. 

PediaTip: Ask this question before you tell the nanny what type of person you’re looking for AND before you provide a detailed description of the job you’re offering.

8. How Flexible are Your Hours?

Would you be willing (and able) to cover extra hours if something unexpected arises (which it inevitably will)?

9. What is Your Childcare Philosophy (Especially When it Comes to Discipline)?

10. Do You Have Children of Your Own?

Reality Check: This can be both a pro & a con.

The Pro: Candidates who have children of their own often have a clearer understanding of the ups & downs of child-rearing.

The Cons: Nannies with young children tend to have less flexible schedules and may need to suddenly take the day off when their child gets sick. 

Bonus Questions to Ask YOURSELF

  • What are Your Needs? Do you want your nanny to focus solely on your child or help out with the cooking, cleaning, pet care, etc.?
  • What’s Your Schedule Like and When Do You Want Help?

    For example, do you only need coverage during the week or would you like help on the weekends, too?
  • How Much are You Willing to Spend? Nannies can get expensive. Not only will you be paying your nanny’s salary, but it’s recommended that you cover the “nanny taxes” and foot the bill for the health insurance, as well. Companies like Home Pay and HomeWork Solutions can help you set up your nanny’s payroll. 

A Parting PediaTip

Once your baby is born and you’ve gotten your feet (somewhat) under you, it helps to do a trial “day” with your favorite nanny candidates. Anyone can make a good first impression during a 30-minute interview but seeing a person in action tells you a lot more!